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Products / Flavoured Red Wine Vinegars

Available in 3 varieties:
- Original (Organic & Oak Barrel Aged 4 Years)
- Thyme Honey Flavour – 2014 Great Taste Awards Gold Star
- Orange Honey Flavour - 2014 Great Taste Awards Gold Star

This is a seriously special Vinegar, made on the Island of Crete by a close friend of Maria’s father.

Our Vinegar is made with the Liatiko and Kotsifali grapes, Organically cultivated and harvested at an altitude of 800m, where the surrounding air is fresh and clean. The juice of the full bodied grapes are transferred into Oak Barrels and aged for 4 years to produce a rich and intense flavour.

We have three varieties available – the Original flavour is the 100% natural aged Vinegar, certified Organic.

Our next ones are the stars of the show, the Cretan Thyme Honey flavour and Orange Honey flavour

These use our original vinegar mixed with a special Cretan Honey to create a tangy sweet taste with a strikingly deep flavour protruding from the aged grapes.

Thyme Honey is the honey cultivated where the Thyme plants grow – and Orange Honey is the honey cultivated where the oranges blossom.

Mix our Vinegar with Olive Branch Olive Oil
to create an unforgettable dressing!