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Products / Chunky Olive Tapenade

We bring you a selection of four magical flavours of Olive Tapenade.

Our tapenade takes the traditional recipe to a whole new level. We have developed a coarsely ground recipe so you can enjoy the flavours of our fresh crunchy olives coming together with the other ingredients which have been specially grown for us by small farmers around Greece.

Available in four flavours:

  1. Green & Black Olives with Sundried Tomato, Feta & Greek Basil
  2. Green Olives with Goat’s Cheese, Rosemary & Chilli
  3. Green Olives with Florina Peppers & Chilli
  4. Kalamata Olives with Fig & Mint

Great with pasta, over salads / vegetables, with cheese or meat and more…

Our Tapenade are Gluten Free and made with No Added Sugar