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Blog / List / Mezze – the philosophy of sharing and enjoying

Mezze – the philosophy of sharing and enjoying
by Maria Koinaki

Mezze is a selection of small dishes served in the Mediterranean as breakfast, lunch or even dinner – in Greece, mezze – or mezedes as it is locally known – will differ from region to region. If you are by the sea you can count on it being seafood. If you are in the mountains you may find yourself eating cheese or meat like lamb and goat.

These small dishes are eaten together in the company of friends and family, often over the course of an entire evening. The culture of sharing creates a virtuous link between oneself and ones’ community, and it comes as no surprise (or net effect) to know that Greece has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe.

Mezze are best eaten in restaurants called ouzerí, an informal restaurant that serves ouzo or raki. A tavérna (tavern) or estiatório (restaurant) will also offer mezze. If you have the chance to visit a family in Greece, you’ll find the hosts scrambling to fix up a mezze – they are easy to prepare on short notice and your hosts will be unable to sleep if they let you leave their home without being fed!

Each year, thousands of us visit Greece and we return home with amazing memories of the country and especially the food, which is centred around the Mezze philosophy. Well, we’re pleased to present you with a list of popular mezze recipes so you can recreate these treats from the comfort of your own home.

Dakos Salad – a Cretan Rusk topped with tomtoes and plenty of Olive Oil
Skillet of Cooked Halloumi Cheese
Octopus marinated in Olive Oil, Vinegar & Herbs
Hummus – with roasted Red Peppers and Chilli

As they say in Greece – Kali Orexi – Enjoy your meal and eat well!

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