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Between the packaging and taste, in no time you’ll be dousing it on everything from pastas to soups to, yes, feta.The Urban Grocer

Here are just a few great stories about our wonderful Olive Oil.

If you’re a journalist and are interested in writing about us, email – after a quick conversation, we’re sure you’ll have more than a few things to say!!

Enjoy the stories and if you want to extend the Olive Branch, all you have to do is hit the buttons to share!!

Olive Magazine, November 2014

This issue features a Buyers guide from Yotam Ottolenghi in which he talks about his obsession with Dakos, featuring the product from yours truly!

Olive Branch in France

Our distributor in France, Sophie's Store is featured in the trade magazine Fine Food Digest and our recent award in France for our Sweet Olive gets a boxed highlight!

Fine Foodies, Summer 2014

Maria is a Fine Foodie Hero in the summer issue of Fine Foodies magazine. This great consumer title has picked our Maria and featured her story and what inspirated her to create Olive Branch.

Fine Food Digest, May 2014

The May issue of leading trade magazine Fine Food Digest has a feature on Speciality Oils and includes details of our Refill Service with a picture from our stockist Epicerie Ludo. They also ask The Earsfield Deli to report on their top selling oils and guess what - we're number 1 and 2!!

Harriet’s Cooking, April 2014

Food Blogger Harriet Toller features a recipe using our Olive Oil - and guess what? It's the best she's tasted! Click here to see her Blog

Best Brands 2013/4, January 2014

Olive Branch Olive Oil is the category winner for best performing Oil & Vinegar. Each year, the Guild of Fine Food polls its retailer members on top selling speciality products and we have been selected as top selling product in this category to pass many long established brands in this competitive marketplace.

Fine Food Business, September 2013

Superb double page feature on Olive Branch and the Co-Founder's story

Uxbridge Gazette, August 2013

Olive Branch Co-Founders Maria and Kamil featured in the local paper following Great Taste Awards success

Fine Foodies, July 2013

Olive Branch Co-Founders Maria and Kamil are quoted in this feature on picnics, describing their favourite picnic spots in England and Crete

Fine Foodies, July 2013

Olive Branch Mezze get's featured as a new product

Sam Revel Blog, May 2013

Acidity and Olive Oil - renowned Food Blogger Mulia hosts a Pizza making workshop and her choice of Olive Oil - Olive Branch

Speciality Food Magazine, May 2013

Our brand new Mezze range get's picked up by this influential trade publication

Fine Food Digest, October 2012

Fine Food Digest - the voice of the Fine Food Industry - Page 47, sees the ever-innovative Olive Oil Jam, featured, as we gather attention for the exciting range of Olive Oil Jam Cocktails being created by Bar Nightjar

Fine Food Digest Online, September 2012

A range of olive oil jams unveiled at Harrogate Speciality Food Show earlier this year by Cretan oil brand Olive Branch is being harnessed by one London’s trendiest bars as a cocktail ingredient.

John Loydall Food, August 2012

Food Blogger John Loydall calls our Jam 'A Versatile Jam' and concludes it is one he will use!

The Urban Grocer, July 2012

Great review for our Olive Oil Jam in this global food-spotting online magazine

BBC Good Food, July 2012

According to writer Holly Brooke-Smith, our Oil has a pleasing fresh, grassy flavour

Cook Vegetarian, July 2012

This issue has a special piece on Mediterranean food stuffs, aptly named 'Best of the Med' - we thrilled to be included as their featured Olive Oil!!

Thumbs Up, May 2012

We've just got the Thumbs Up from....Thumbs Up! Their reviewer enjoyed our Olive Oil in more ways than one - click on the image on the left to find out how.

The Culinary Guide, May 2012

The Culinary Guide is the essential online food and drink guide for new product reviews.

Fine Food Digest, May 2012

We've been included in the Speciality Oils feature! We know we have a great product but we also know that this is an incredibly competitive area, so it's great to get a thumbs up from the guys at Fine Food Digest! Page 37 of May 2012 Issue.

Your Healthy Living Magazine, May 2012

Leading healthy living and natural health products magazine features Olive Branch's Recipe Tree healthy eating campaign

Rhoda Reviews, May 2012

Rhoda has reviewed products for so many big brands we wouldn't know where to start - so, we were ecstatic when she agreed to review our Oil and even more ecstatic when she gave us a big thumbs up!

Manchester Evening News

Full page feature in the Urban Life supplement magazine

Restaurant Magazine

Lancashire Telegraph

Fine Food Digest

Food and Drink Innovation Network

Lost At E Minor