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Particularly low acidity levels of 0.3% give this oil from Crete a pleasing fresh, grassy flavour Holly Brooke-Smith, BBC Good Food Magazine - reviewing our olive oil

This olive oil is like a fine wine, with distinct notes of tomato, grass and citrus and when used to finish or season a dish really makes other flavours more pronounced. If I could use 3 words to sum up this olive oil they would be fresh, mouth watering & addictive Mr Foodie, Food Blogger

From Olive Tree to you

Our olives are sun drenched for 300 days of the year.

We cold press and bottled the olives within hours of picking.

We handpicked every olive and select only the very best.

High Grade Olive Oil giving you the best taste.

Jam packed full of antioxidants to keep you fit and healthy.

Clinically proven to lower the chance of heart disease

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