About Us

Do you need you need some fresh marketing ideas?

Smart online marketing that puts you way ahead of your competition

Think Fresh Marketing was founded by Hugh Dixon to help those companies who want to take advantage of the many opportunities the internet has to offer but don’t want to invest large sums of money and don’t want the time and hassle of trying to work it out.

Our aim is to catapult both small and large companies to forefront of the internet age. We have done all the researching and testing. We know what works for companies of different sizes in different industries – no matter if you’re business to consumer or business to business.

No one strategy or tactic works for everyone. You may need visibility on Google, but there are many different ways of going about it. Facebook now seems all the rage and is Twitter in decline? What about Youtube, Linkedin, mobile marketing or those new QR code things?

All or none of these may be of use to you.

At Think Fresh Marketing we’ll analyse your business and customers to see what will get the best results fastest and cheapest. For example why spend thousands per month on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to get on Google page 1 when it is likely you can do this within a month for a fraction of the cost. Yes, we’ve achieved this for many happy clients.
Results based marketing

We don’t focus on offering the latest technological wizardry or internet fad for the sake of it or just because it looks exciting. We look at what will get you the best results for your budget. Effective is not always sexy, but it does get you happy customers. And that in turn gives us happy customers which is what we want.

What’s the point of having a flashy website if it’s not getting you visitors and customers? In fact, if you do have a flash based website that might be a problem as Google, clever as they are, can’t read flash content. We create high performance websites that not only look good but have advanced internet marketing functionality built in to ensure that they deliver you a massive return on your investment.

And the truth is, that with the latest advances in technology, internet marketing doesn’t have to be budget busting. In fact, you’ll be truly amazed at what you can achieve for a fraction of what you might previously spent on traditional marketing.

About Hugh Dixon

I have had a very successful career starting in marketing since graduating from Aston University with a degree in Business and Management. At that time email was still in its infancy and the internet was just a twinkle in the eye of Tim Berners-Lee. How things have changed.

Now we can’t imagine life without the internet, but many companies are still struggling to keep up with this fast moving world and few are making the most of it.

It was much the same for me. I became more heavily involved in online marketing whilst working for international companies – one of my last big projects in the corporate world was helping to oversee the development and launch of a European wide website for a large global brand.

Once leaving there I soon realised that the internet and digital marketing was the future, so I threw myself into a steep learning curve. Over the past few years I have networked with and learnt from some of the top internet marketers around the world – many from the USA and Asia. I added to this knowledge by testing and tweaking it in the UK where internet marketing is still in it’s infancy.

I guarantee you’ll be blown away by just a few of the tricks and techniques we have to offer.

You may feel you’ve been left behind by your competition, but believe me, when you see what we have to offer, you’ll realise that even your best competitors are still lagging behind on a world scale.

We have access to the latest insider secrets from the world’s top internet marketers. What’s more these can be very fast and cheap to implement.

If you want a truly unfair advantage over your competitors, then maybe you should talk to us before they do. You won’t be disappointed.